Pro Tools HD 

Logic Pro

AVID HD Analog i/o (48 Tracks)

Lots of outboard gear including SSL, Eventide, Tube Tech, Universal Audio, Drawmer, Amphion, Lexicon, Telefunken etc.

Guitars: Music Man, Cyan, Tom Anderson, Fender, Gibson, Harmony, Ibanez, Breedlove, Lakewood, Yamaha, Danelectro etc.

Amps: a variety of Marshalls (including JTM 45, JVM 410, Silver Jubilee and many more), Fender (Bass Man, Deluxe) VHT, EVH 5150 etc.


With years of recording experience across various music genres, it is possible to book Bassel to play on your tracks, arranging or mixing them in his professional environment or any other studio.

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